Ardwolf can offer an alternative fully intermateable and compatible with Lemo product with a PPS insert material guaranteed.

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  1. FGG.1B.305.CYCD42 Lemo Plug 4-Way
  2. FGG.1B.308.CYCM31Z Lemo Plug 8-Way
  3. ARW-FHG.3B.308.CLAM42Z Plug 8-Way
  4. ARW-FHG.0B.307.CLAD52Z Ardwolf FHG.0B.307.CLAD52Z
  5. FGG.1B.308.CYCD42Z Lemo Plug 8-Way
  6. GMA.1B.025.RS Lemo Bend relief Orange
  7. ARW-PHG.0B.307.CLLD52Z Ardwolf PHG.0B.307.CLLD52Z
  8. ARW-FGG.0B.307.CLAD52Z Ardwolf FGG.0B.307.CLAD52Z
  9. FGG.0B.304.CYCD52 Lemo Plug 4-Way
  10. FGC.0B.304.CYCD52 Lemo Plug 4-Way
  11. GMA.0B.030.RG Lemo Bend relief
  12. FGG.0B.305.CYCD42Z Lemo Plug 5-Way
  13. FGG.1K.303.CYBC30Z Lemo 3-Way plug
  14. FNG.2K.310.CYCC06Z Lemo Lanyard Plug 10-Way Crimp Female Sockets
  15. EVP.0V.650.CLL Lemo Receptacle
  16. GMA.3B.050.DG Lemo Bend relief
  17. GMA.3B.090.DG Lemo Bend relief
  18. GMA.1B.065.DN Lemo Bend relief Black
  19. GMA.1B.025.DN Lemo Bend relief Black
  20. GMA.0B.025.DN Lemo Bend relief
  21. GMA.0B.030.DR Lemo Bend relief
  22. FFA.1S.303.NLAC37 Lemo Socket 3-Way
  23. FFA.1S.306.CLAC42 Lemo Socket 6-Way
  24. FFA.1S.302.CLAK77 Lemo Socket 2-Way
  25. FFA.1S.303.CLAC52 Lemo Socket 3-Way
  26. UKE.0203.FNA.3B.01 Lemo
  27. ERA.0E.303.CLL Lemo Socket 3-Way
  28. PHG.1B.306.CLLZZ Lemo Socket 6-Way
  29. ECG.1B.308.CYM Lemo Socket 8-Way
  30. EGG.1B.310.CLL Lemo Socket 10-Way
  31. FHG.3B.308.CLAM42Z Lemo Plug 8-Way
  32. FAG.2B.307.CLA Lemo Plug 7-Way
  33. FAG.2B.303.CLA Lemo Plug 3-Way
  34. FGG.0K.303.CYCC50Z Lemo Plug 3-Way
  35. FGG.1K.307.CLAC50Z Lemo 7-Way plug
  36. FGG.3B.330.CLAD11Z Lemo Plug 3-Way
  37. FGG.1B.306.CLAZZ Lemo Plug 6-Way
  38. FGG.2B.302.CYCD82 Lemo Plug 2-Way
  39. FGG.1K.304.CYBC50Z Lemo 4-Way plug
  40. FGG.0B.742.DN Lemo Collet
  41. FGG.0B.305.NYCD35 Lemo Plug 5-Way
  42. FGG.1B.306.CLAD62 Lemo Plug 6-Way
  43. FGG.0B.306.CLAZZ Lemo Plug 6-Way
  44. FGG.0B.304.CLAD52Z Lemo Plug 4-Way
  45. FGG.0B.303.CLAZZ Lemo Plug 3-Way
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