Ardwolf can offer an alternative fully intermateable and compatible with Lemo product with a PPS insert material guaranteed.

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  1. FGG.1B.305.CYCD42 Lemo Plug 5-Way
  2. PHG.0B.305.CYMD22Z Lemo
  3. FGG.1B.308.CYCM31Z Lemo Plug 8-Way
  4. ARW-FHG.3B.308.CLAM42Z Plug 8-Way
  5. ARW-FHG.0B.307.CLAD52Z Ardwolf FHG.0B.307.CLAD52Z
  6. FGG.1B.308.CYCD42Z Lemo Plug 8-Way
  7. ARW-PHG.0B.307.CLLD52Z Ardwolf PHG.0B.307.CLLD52Z
  8. ARW-FGG.0B.307.CLAD52Z Ardwolf FGG.0B.307.CLAD52Z
  9. FGG.0B.304.CYCD52 Lemo Plug 4-Way
  10. FGC.0B.304.CYCD52 Lemo Plug 4-Way
  11. FGG.0B.305.CYCD42Z Lemo Plug 5-Way
  12. FGG.1K.303.CYBC30Z Lemo 3-Way plug
  13. FNG.2K.310.CYCC06Z Lemo Lanyard Plug 10-Way Crimp Female Sockets
  14. EVP.0V.650.CLL Lemo Receptacle
  15. FFA.1S.303.NLAC37 Lemo Socket 3-Way
  16. FFA.1S.306.CLAC42 Lemo Socket 6-Way
  17. FFA.1S.302.CLAK77 Lemo Socket 2-Way
  18. FFA.1S.303.CLAC52 Lemo Socket 3-Way
  19. UKE.0203.FNA.3B.01 Lemo
  20. ERA.0E.303.CLL Lemo Socket 3-Way
  21. PHG.1B.306.CLLZZ Lemo Socket 6-Way
  22. ECG.1B.308.CYM Lemo Socket 8-Way
  23. EGG.1B.310.CLL Lemo Socket 10-Way
  24. FHG.3B.308.CLAM42Z Lemo Plug 8-Way
  25. FAG.2B.307.CLA Lemo Plug 7-Way
  26. FAG.2B.303.CLA Lemo Plug 3-Way
  27. FGG.0K.303.CYCC50Z Lemo Plug 3-Way
  28. FGG.1K.307.CLAC50Z Lemo 7-Way plug
  29. FGG.3B.330.CLAD11Z Lemo Plug 3-Way
  30. FGG.1B.306.CLAZZ Lemo Plug 6-Way
  31. FGG.2B.302.CYCD82 Lemo Plug 2-Way
  32. FGG.1K.304.CYBC50Z Lemo 4-Way plug
  33. FGG.0B.742.DN Lemo Collet
  34. FGG.0B.305.NYCD35 Lemo Plug 5-Way
  35. FGG.1B.306.CLAD62 Lemo Plug 6-Way
  36. FGG.0B.306.CLAZZ Lemo Plug 6-Way
  37. FGG.0B.304.CLAD52Z Lemo Plug 4-Way
  38. FGG.0B.303.CLAZZ Lemo Plug 3-Way
  39. FGG.00.303.CLAD30 Lemo Plug 3-Way
  40. EHG.0B.307.CLL Lemo 7-Way Fixed Socket
  41. FGG.1K.308.CYCC60Z Lemo 8-Way plug
  42. RM-PLG-1PC-308-KSG
  43. RM-PKG-1PC-308-KSG
  44. RM-PAG-1PC-308JS52GZ
  45. RM-DBPU-1F1C-P08KS
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